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Veronika – Big Boobs & Sexy Feet

Big Boobs & Sexy Feet

Big Boobs & Sexy Feet

Veronika waits for Max, a guy who’s going to paint her toenails. She adjusts her big tits in her low-cut blouse because there’s going to be a lot more than nail polishing going on in a few seconds. Max is about to be converted from a foot man to a tit man and Veronika has the assets to make it happen. Max is going to be converted but in exchange, he gets to play with Veronika’s head-crushing jugs of joy.

The toenail polishing comes to an abrupt end when Veronika takes his hands and puts them on her heavy hooters. Ever the aggressor, Veronika needs some cock action, not her toes painted. Popping her treasures out of her top, Veronika tells him to suck and lick ’em.

Veronika takes Max’s boner out and sticks it in her mouth, licking it like a popsicle and dripping spit on it. The next stop for his dick is between Veronika’s breasts. She holds them together to create a tit-pussy for him. Veronika takes off her eyeglasses and turns around, supporting her arms on the back of the couch. Max pulls her panties to the side and shoves his dick into her waiting pussy-hole from behind. Getting her totally naked on her back, he spreads her legs and plows into her again, her tits shaking and wobbling. Max is now a tit man.

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