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Busty Sister Act Part 2

Busty Sister Act Part 2

Busty Sister Act Part 2

Helen Star is the second half of the busty sister act called the Star sisters. Helen and Erin are bonafide sisters. Helen is a year older. They’re both webcam girls. Both amazing sisters also double-debut in October ’17 SCORE magazine, the annual all-naturals issue.

Like Erin, Helen likes to spend time with friends and go to the movies. She’s a soccer fan but Erin likes basketball. Helen wants to travel to another continent. Erin wants to visit the USA.

Helen dances around a wood beam like it’s a stripper’s pole, licks a banana and gives us a hot tits & ass show.

Helen said she was the bustiest girl in school. Erin said she wasn’t. This school must have some student body.

“I like to dress sexy but no matter what I wear, my boobs show,” Helen said. “That’s okay because I like a lot of attention and it’s fun to see a man losing his mind over my cleavage.”

You can bet that happens every time Helen steps out of the house. Our photographer also fought hard to not lose his mind. The Star sisters effortlessly cast a spell on guys.

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