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Sheridan Love – Here Cums Sheridan

Here Cums Sheridan SCORELAND: So, Sheridan, what do your fans ask to see you do the most these days?Sheridan: I gave them hot girl on girl action. Then I took my first cock on-film for all to see. I liked it so much, I decided to take two at the same t…

Sheridan Love – Big Wet Hooters

Big Wet Hooters A guy can walk around without a shirt on (unless the sign says “No shirt, no shoes, no service”). If we did own a retail store, we wouldn’t even allow guys in, just girls with big boobs. We already know what Sheridan Love thinks about …

Sheridan Love – Bikini Girl

Bikini Girl Bikini girl Sheridan Love luxuriates at a swanky pool on a steamy Miami day. She makes it steamier. Sheridan needs to cool down so she kicks off her heels and drops her bikini top off her big boobs. Stepping into the pool, Sheridan ditches …

Sheridan Love – First Threesome

First Threesome Two mob guys are sent by their boss to his home for a special job. Keep an eye on his wife Sheridan Love for the day. If she wants to go shopping or out to lunch, they have to stick with her and make sure she gets home safe and sound an…

Sheridan Love – The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In Congratulations to Sheridan Love for winning the Hardcore Performer of the Year 2015 contest. The first runner-up is the pregnant Czech Katerina Dubrova and second runner-up is Amy Anderssen. June 2016 SCORE magazine is the annual awar…

Sheridan Love – Housewife With Hooters

Housewife With Hooters Sheridan Love is what every upstanding breast-man deserves when he comes home from a hard day’s work. A doll of a girl dressed in her sexy “Susie Homemaker” dress, bra and panties serving her man a drink and two hot nipples to su…

Sheridan Love – Tied For a Ride

Tied For a Ride Sheridan Love becomes a big-breasted kinkster when she’s tied for a ride with hard man Carlos Rios. Sheridan’s in for a surprise when Carlos tells her to close her eyes and proceeds to tie her to a chair, then to the bed, and has his wa…

Sheridan Love – Orange Is The New Rack

Orange Is The New Rack “I love big boobs,” said Sheridan Love, a girl after our own hearts. “I love the hourglass look.” Sheridan is the leader in that. In this scene, it’s a feast of boobs as beautiful minx Sheridan explores her big tits and moves on …

Sheridan Love – Takin’ It To The Streets

Takin’ It To The Streets

Takin' It To The Streets

Sheridan Love’s boots are made for walkin’ and that’s just what she’ll do. Maybe if you’re lucky, those boots might walk your way.

“I’m so proud of the way I look that I don’t mind going out and flaunting it,” Sheridan said. “If you’ve got it, flaunt it. I want guys to look!”
The streets are quiet tonight. That won’t stop Sheridan from finding some way to bust out and cum.

What gets Sheridan wet?

“I like the lovey-dovey stuff, but I also like a little bit of aggression,” says Sheridan. “A little rough or some hair-pulling. I like being tied down. Handcuffs, ropes. It’s all fine with me. Then he can have his way with me.”

Maybe we’ll be seeing that. Sheridan never ceases to amaze us.

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Sheridan Love – Love & Sex

Love & Sex

Love & Sex

Tarzan is looking for Sheridan Love’s husband at her swanky house. He’s not home, and Sheridan’s glad about that because she wants a piece of strange. She invites Tarzan in and tells him to make himself comfortable. He’s shown up at the right time. Sheridan’s gonna be all over him and bang his brains out.

Sheridan kneels and takes over. She sucks his cock, wraps her big tits around it and sits on it, facing him. She grinds her fantastic butt as she rides his cock then reverses her position, her big tits jiggling and shaking.

Sheridan is the first guest on Episode 3 of SCOREtv and talks about her XXX scenes. Sheridan said she’d rather have sex than talk, even though she does a lot of web-camming at home.

“I get really nervous when I talk,” Sheridan tells SCOREtv host Dave.

Sheridan hasn’t watched her scenes straight through. Girls tend to be more critical of themselves in general.

“I’ve seen the blow job parts, which I think I’m pretty good at, and the cum shots, which I love.”

Absolutely! She’s great in every minute of her scenes. What will Sheridan think of this scene?

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