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Shelby Gibson – Shelby’s First Tits, Tugs & BJ!

Shelby’s First Tits, Tugs & BJ!

Shelby's First Tits, Tugs & BJ!

This is the big moment. Shelby Gibson is back for her first Tits & Tugs & BJ and JMac is the lucky recipient of her generosity. As Shelby said talking to SCOREtv host Dave in Season 2 Episode 2, “I get to suck big cock today.” Asked how she prepared for the scene you’re about to see, Shelby said she practiced at home with Mr. Gibson.

Shelby is awesome from the beginning of this scene to the explosive climax. Tits & Tugs are usually shot P.O.V. There’s P.O.V. throughout but not all of it is shot first-person. From talking and teasing to sandwiching cock between her great, big tits to deep sucking, Shelby is worth the wait because she’s so great. Thank you, Shelby and Mr. Gibson.

SCORE: Shelby, what prompted you to take this next step? Was it the fans who kept hoping and asking? Your desires? Mr. Gibson’s? All of the above?

Shelby: A long time fantasy of mine has been to have fun with a real porn stud. My husband really encouraged me too because he loves watching me show off. And then when I read how much the fans wanted me to do it I decided to go for it! So I guess it’s all of the above.

SCORE: You have great on-camera personality in both the solos and this scene. How did you prepare yourself before the shoot? Or did you not “prepare?”

Shelby: I really didn’t prepare. I really love showing off and being the center of attention so interacting with the camera and the fans is a real turn on. I have to put on a show in my sales job so I’m used to it from that point of view. And my husband and I have taken a lot of pics and video so I really like playing to the camera.

SCORE: Did Mr. Gibson observe the action during the shoot?

Shelby: Absolutely! That was a big part of the fun! Doing it in front of him and the camera is a BIG turn on for both of us.

SCORE: Are you interested in going even further the next time at SCORE?

Shelby: DEFINITELY! But only if I can be with the right guys. If I can fuck JMac my first time back then count me in! Or count him in… me. I would love to play with more young porn studs with big cocks in front of my husband and the camera. I would actually like to see if I could have a “second career” in porn.

SCORE: Did you and Mr. Gibson talk about the scene later on?

Shelby: Talk about it? We did a LOT more than talk about it! We were both so turned on that we really went at it when we got back to our hotel room after the shoot. My husband was 20 years old again the way he pounded me and came multiple times! And we still talk about it and get turned on. Can’t wait to see the scene!

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Shelby Gibson – The Hot Wife Of A SCORE Reader

The Hot Wife Of A SCORE Reader

The Hot Wife Of A SCORE Reader

Shelby Gibson is back at SCORELAND and when the Blog announced her forthcoming return, it lit up with anxious comments about when she’s reappearing.

Shelby will be interviewed by Dave on the SCOREtv set and she returns soon for her first Tits, Tugs, and Tongue scene. Originally, Shelby was going to do a Tits & Tugs scene but things got a little carried away. Just a boob boff and jack would have been awesome but she wanted to give JMac a blow job also. He licked her pussy too.

Commented Shelby, “I was SOOO EXCITED TO SUCK COCK for you on-camera for the very first time ever!!”

Wife of a longtime SCORE reader, Shelby has her own formula for domestic bliss. “I take good care of him, cook for him, clean for him. He takes care of me, provides for me, comforts me and keeps me safe. In bed, he gets great blow jobs and he licks my pussy good and pounds me hard with his big cock.”

Love, American-style. Life is good when a SCORE Girl is your wife.

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Shelby Gibson – The Good Busty Wife

The Good Busty Wife “Every man likes a big-tit woman in a tight sweater,” says a bouncy, busty Shelby Gibson, happily ready to burst her buttons with good cheer. That’s the spirit! And, as a big-tit woman who wears tight sweaters and other tops nearly …