This was Sabina Leigh‘s first hardcore fuck video. She was new at SCORE but well-versed and trained in sex and all things sexual before she ever got here. Her SCORE credits eventually included Pounding The Pledges, Bounce Baby, Bounce!, Busty Cream Team, Busty Big-Uns and her latest, Voluptuous Xtra 14.

An independent, voluptuous model who lives and models in Colorado, isolated from the porn centers of the world, Sabina has a New Age, girl-next-door, more down-to-earth style and approach. She’s a sexologist, too, and makes her own toys.

“I am often surprised at how people respond to my body, especially when they see me in person. Being exposed to all those images of slender women in the mainstream media and even in other adult magazines, kind of makes you feel like there’s only one body style that’s attractive. So, knowing men (and women) enjoy women who are more full-figured is really great.

“A sexologist is someone who researches sex, obviously, and who can pass their information on to other people and teach them about their sexuality and how to access their sexuality. I’ve worked a lot with several women, helping them find and access their G-spots and intensify their orgasms. I’m known for people coming up to me and telling me their deepest, darkest secrets and their fetishes. Once people find out I’m a sex researcher, it happens everywhere, on the street, on airplanes, wherever I am. People tell me everything, which I think is a great thing. My research comes from a lot of different places and I hope to continue it for the rest of my life.

“When I tell guys I’m a sex researcher, most of them want me to have sex with them. They say I can use them for research. I feel bad about it, but I hear that so often there’s just no way to fit all of them in, so usually, I have to turn them down. There’s only so much of me to go around. But I do like to talk to people and get their stories and advise them when I can.”

A big-busted, pretty woman who devotes her life to sex and porn. That’s a good person to hang out with.

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