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Olivia Jackson – Tits & Ass Superstar

Tits & Ass Superstar

Tits & Ass Superstar

Hanging out with Olivia Jackson in the models dressing room as she prepares to shoot a layout. Olivia was encouraged by her girlfriend to contact SCORE. Now that’s a good friend!

SCORELAND: What do you like about yourself?

Olivia: I love my smile. I love my skin tone. I do like that I have curves and I can fit almost anything very nicely. And I have an awesome personality!

SCORELAND: Do people come up to you and ask you if your boobs are real?

Olivia: When you’re in Vegas, you deal with a lot of drunk people, but I get that a lot from women, too. They ask if I’m real or not. They grab on them and touch on them and slap them. Whatever they want to do. I was at a club, and we were just having fun. Me and some friends got a table, and a girl came up to ask me, and when I’m standing on line at the bathroom, there’s always a bunch of beautiful women hanging around, and they always ask me. And I let them!

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Olivia Jackson – “Butts & Boobs”

“Butts & Boobs”

With only a few scenes on her resume, Olivia Jackson has been top-rated since her first shoot. Olivia’s friend suggested she contact The SCORE Group. Her friend is a girl.

“My friend and I are very close,” Olivia said. “We’ve been best friends for years, and we look at different things. We watch pornos together to take notes, which is crazy, so she went online to look up some modeling things for herself, and she saw The SCORE Group and saw that you specialize in women with big breasts. I decided that I wanted to experience something for the first time, and this kind of presented itself to me.”

And the fact that Olivia has a BootyLicious ass with lots of junk in her trunk was not overlooked. This BootyLicious Special is a bootyful thing.

“Sometimes if they’re boob guys, they pay more attention to my butt, then the opposite happens with butt guys,” Olivia said. “I just think I date guys who dig both. Guys want to put me in doggy style in front of the mirror. I assume when they’re hitting it from the back, it’s just this really pretty, perfect butt, and then in the mirror you can see my titties bouncing up and down.”

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