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Larissa Linn – Tits & Jugs

Tits & Jugs

Tits & Jugs

Larissa Linn says she wants to be the boss while she squeezes her big boobs together. Her twin peaks look ready to pop out. Larissa stands on the stone steps of an old country house and slowly peels out of her mistress outfit to reveal her perfect body. Lifting a big jug of water, Larissa pours it all over her chest, and you can see in her face that that water is nipple-erecting cold!

“When my nipples are excited, I get very horny,” says Larissa. “So when a guy licks my nipples, I want more. Pouring the cold water on me was like a guy with ice cream in his mouth sucking my nipples.”

“Sometimes I am asked if I believe in sex on the first date. I don’t because I need to know more about a man and his character. I want to see if he is confident and strong, a leader. Such a man I will follow and get to know better.”

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Larissa Linn – House of Correction For Busty Girls

House of Correction For Busty Girls The beautiful Larissa Linn wants to show us her secret place. “My dirty secret place,” says Larissa, her gorgeous lips forming a sinister smile. “This is my playroom.” This is quite a playpen Larissa spends time in. …

Larissa Linn – The Night Belongs To Larissa

The Night Belongs To Larissa A girl like Larissa Linn is never bored. She’s got a beautiful body to play with when the night’s a quiet one. Larissa went outside one evening and decided to put on a show in the backyard. Our photographer seized the momen…

Larissa Linn – The Single Swinger

The Single Swinger Larissa Linn is not a swinger but she is “The Single Swinger” in an unusual Bonus video. In the first part, Larissa’s totally naked and sitting on an outdoor swing. Not totally naked. She’s wearing a necklace. In the second half, La…

Larissa Linn – Her Body Calls You

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Larissa Linn – Fantasy Fox

Fantasy Fox

Fantasy Fox

Prepare to go out of your mind as soon as Larisa Linn enters the office in “Fantasy Fox.” Her auditing work will have to wait for another time. Larissa plans to put on a T&A show that will melt your screen. If she was a co-employee, you’d never get any work done with her walking and bouncing her big boobs around the place.

Covergirl of July 2015 Voluptuous magazine, Larissa says that becoming a model has made her more of a sensuous woman. “When I think about being a model and looking at my pictures and videos, I am happy.”

Even though Larissa is only 21 (born June 6), she has a confidence and assuredness years beyond her youth. Even though she is new to modeling, she looks as if she has been doing this for years. “Modeling is like being in a fantasy land. I enjoy the process and the final results. It is like nothing I have ever done before in my life. I am lucky that I have such talented people to help me.”

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Larissa Linn – Cozy Curves & FF-Cups

Cozy Curves & FF-Cups

Cozy Curves & FF-Cups

Larissa Linn is only about ten degrees hotter than that fireplace she’s sitting next to. She won’t need it to stay warm the way she’s rubbing her supple skin. There’s the danger of friction burn just watching her. She’s a natural seducer, irresistible. She’s Kryptonite to a boob-man.

Covergirl of July ’15 Voluptuous magazine, Larissa’s sexy face and natural rack beautifies store racks wherever V-mag is sold. Larissa also appeared in October ’15 SCORE. More is on the way.

Larissa has watched the videos and seen the pictorials that have been posted so far at SCORELAND. What does she think about them?

“I’ve seen them, yes. I watched them alone, not with anyone. I really liked them. My make-up and clothing were beautiful. When I think about them, I’m happy. I want to do more. Because of them, I feel more sensual.”

And to think that this hottie graduated from the National Mining University in her native land and works as an auditor. We’d work in a coal mine just to see Larissa naked. Thanks to her, we don’t have to.

“I love being a covergirl and I enjoy reading nice comments. I study every photo and video and the more I see, the more I enjoy modeling. I’m glad I have taken this step in my life. “

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Larissa Linn – Kitchen Wet Dreams

Kitchen Wet Dreams As Larissa Linn says in this scene, “Sexy! Sexy!” Larissa has everything a man could possibly want in a girl. The face, the body, the big boobs. Everything that brings tears to your eyes. Today, Miss Linn is playing in the kitchen. S…

Larissa Linn – Coal Miner’s Fantasy Girl

Coal Miner’s Fantasy Girl Larissa Linn graduated from the College of the National Mining University. Her field is numbers. Not mining for coal or metals. Her expertise is auditing and accounting. One could say that she’s a diamond in the rough and her …

Larissa Linn – Beautiful Bust Creamer

Beautiful Bust Creamer Larissa Linn has got it all and more and she’s showing it all. She’s been drawing rave reviews since her debut. It’s time for Larissa to cream up in this SCORELAND Bonus. She’s handed a full bottle and spreads the lotion all over…