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Kate Marie – Sexy & Sticky

Sexy & Sticky

Sexy & Sticky

Kate Marie brings her hottie-next-door cuteness back to SCORELAND in a horny fingering session that leaves Kate with sticky fingers and us with a bulge in our jeans yet again. Kate’s got the magic and she’s one of those girls who is seemingly unaware of her powers, like Alexya, in a way.

Writes Nick, “If you guys ran pictures of Kate Marie every freaking day I would not complain in the least. Goddess is not a term to be used lightly, but it certainly applies to her. Yowza!”

As much as we like the idea, Nick, we still need to photograph a few other girls now and then. But we’re sure Kate appreciates your sentiment.

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Kate Marie – Peeping In The Ladies Room

Peeping In The Ladies Room “There aren’t very many women with big boobs in Chicago, from what I’ve seen,” said Kate Marie. This is true, at least as far as women with big boobs who model. There have been only a few at SCORELAND such as Jessica Roberts …

Kate Marie – Nude Model & Artists At Work

Nude Model & Artists At Work

Nude Model & Artists At Work

The world’s greatest artists in history would have asked to sit in on an artists’ class if Kate Marie was their nude model of the day. Here in the SCORE art room, the busy hands of eager students try to capture Kate Marie’s lovely face and buxom figure on paper. The female form is the greatest creation in the universe.

Some students are very good. Some…not so good, but it’s the motivation that counts. Kate is truly a work of art and inspires many things, including jacking.

After the students leave for the day, Kate’s very hot from being the center of attention and feels the urge. She needs to rub it out and cum. Fingering her nipples, spanking her clit and fingering her pussy while standing, Kate gets busy right on the modeling stage instead of going home and jilling in bed.

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Kate Marie – Between Her Breasts

Between Her Breasts On SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 4, girl-next-door Kate Marie talked about tit-fucking and showed how she likes to wedge a cock between her boobs. Here she’s on her laptop making a sexy video when you walk in on her. Caught in the act! N…

Kate Marie – The Sexy Girl-Next-Door

The Sexy Girl-Next-Door Kate Marie is that sexy SCORE Girl-next-door. The girl walking to class across the campus lawn. The girl working part-time in customer service. The girl from the hair salon. Your tank-top wearing server at one of the “breastaura…

Kate Marie – The Chesty Girl Next Door

The Chesty Girl Next Door No one can convince us that SCORELAND hottie Kate Marie is really this pig-tailed, bespectacled nerdy girl in the opener of her scene “The Chesty Girl Next Door.” It was a nice try, though. Underneath that baggy sweater and sk…

Kate Marie – Invitation From A Busty Babe

Invitation From A Busty Babe What does Kate Marie, a wigglin’ and a jigglin’ in this scene, do for her special guy to make his world a happy place? Kate demonstrated her boob-banging with a dick-toy in SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 4. “Blow jobs are importa…

Kate Marie – Girl Of Your Dreams

Girl Of Your Dreams Writes Jack from Chicago, “Kate Marie is a beautiful and desirable lady, and I hope The SCORE Group can convince this gorgeous babe to make many return trips to the SCORE studios.”That’s a fact, Jack.”My boobs are a 36H,” Kate says….

Kate Marie – The StarBoobs Barista

The StarBoobs Barista Kate Marie is wasting her time at StarBoobs serving coffee and pastries to grumpy people in a hurry. Whatever the current minimum wage is for fast food servers, this busty beauty and other girls who look like her are being underva…

Kate Marie – T-Shirt Stretcher

T-Shirt Stretcher New special girl at SCORELAND, Kate Marie is going to show you how she stretches a SCORE T-shirt. Then she hits the showers to put on a wet tee show. If she ever enters a wet tee contest, put all your money on her to win. She’s got th…