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Ivana Gita – Tits & Tugs

Tits & Tugs

Tits & Tugs

The screen is filled with a close-up of Ivana’s chest in a tight top as her Tits & Tugs opens. She rubs her boobs and bends over to show her cleavage, cavernous enough to store a cell phone, wallet and other objects busty women keep between their breasts.

Ivana is here to tit-fuck, jack and suck a cock, and she’s eager to get her tits on this citizen’s sausage. A tit-fuck by this woman is a special event. Ivana hasn’t been at SCORELAND since 1999, and her boobs have gotten massive since then.

When Ivana’s return scene was posted, many life-long tit-men reacted like it was International Hooter Day.

Seanster wrote, “One of the greatest ever updates here at SCORE! Like every other guy on here, I am totally gobsmacked by the mammoth size of Ivana’s gigantic tits. The last time I was so genuinely overwhelmed was when Poppos made her most recent comeback. Do lots and lots of shoots with her please: bath, shower, bikinis, measuring, big tit oiling, XXX…you name it, I so wanna see it.”

Ivana was only active for one year then dropped out of sight, to the consternation of many breast-men. She was very busty back then, but now her tits are enormous. They move, hang, shake, jiggle and wrap around the male member naturally. To the eye, Ivana’s boobs look almost triple in size. Like Jana, who also had a mature gal breast growth spurt (although not close to Ivana’s bust out), there’s no sign of any doctoring. Those ta-tas are the real deal.

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Ivana Gita – Return of the Rack

Return of the Rack One of the surprise comebacks at SCORELAND is the return of Ivana Gita after 16 years. Ivana emailed us out of the blue from Europe, interested in modeling again. “I worked for you in the 90’s like other young busty women. I now have…