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Dominno – Dominno & Katarina

Dominno & Katarina

Dominno & Katarina

Katarina and Dominno are maid to please at Hooter Hotel. No one knows better than the hotel manager how tough it is to find good help. Finding hard working maids is the #1 challenge.

Take the maids at this hotel. A lot of money is spent training new girls, providing them with quality uniforms and equipment–like the latest in scrub brushes–and what do they do? They throw private shows for the guests instead of working. Right on the guests’ beds, no less, while he’s watching.

Instead of cleaning this guest’s room, Katarina and Dominno are putting on a girl-girl sex show for him. What kind of job dedication is this? They’re leaving the bed sheets messier than before they walked into the room. Is it any wonder that the manager is on ulcer medication? Oddly enough, he never gets any complaints.

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Dominno – Purchasing Pussy in Prague

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