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Dolly Fox – The Fantastic Ms. Fox

The Fantastic Ms. Fox “Dolly Fox is amazing as always. SCORELAND keep this foxy chick coming back.”- Runefox”It is hard to explain how hot Dolly is. I guess the best way is to say: ‘I’m drooling over her magnificent body.'” -BorduxIt may not seem like …

Dolly Fox – Foxy Dolly

Foxy Dolly Dolly Fox’s accented-English alone is sexy and horny. If she was hidden behind a curtain, she could probably get you off just by talking. Dolly always dresses to show off her spectacular body and big boobs. With a glint in her eyes and a smi…

Dolly Fox – Dressing The Boobs

Dressing The Boobs Dressing the boobs and looking her breast at all times is in Dolly Fox’s nature. Dolly has brought along several of her dresses and one of her string bikinis. In this Bonus video, Dolly tries them all on and gives us a running comme…

Dolly Fox – Get Your Fox Fix

Get Your Fox Fix A simple request from member BoobHound about newcomer Dolly Fox (August 2016 SCORE): “Oh, Dolly, please shoot enough material for at least 10 years worth of updates! You are so incredibly hot I can’t stand the thought of the material r…

Dolly Fox – What Does The Fox Say?

What Does The Fox Say? Welcome back, Dolly Fox. It’s always a pleasure to have this stacked-up newcomer back to show off her crazy-sexy body and huge tits and have fun doing it. SCORELAND guy Seth picks up that vibe. “One of the biggest turn-ons about …

Dolly Fox – Swimsuit Spectacular

Swimsuit Spectacular It’s the Dolly Fox show and it’s always a pleasure to have the blonde fox play at SCORELAND. Dolly’s second cover is the box cover for the DVD SCORE Girls.”I love all the attention from both men and women,” Dolly said. “It also op…

Dolly Fox – The Blonde Fox

The Blonde Fox What they say about Dolly Fox (January 2016 SCORE) could fill a book called “Profiles in Cleavage.” A longtime and very discerning reader, Bill from Chicago, mailed a three page letter about Dolly and Claudia Marie.”2016 began with two s…

Dolly Fox – Super Fox

Super Fox She’s a super fox. Dolly Fox (January 2016 SCORE) is a reader’s wife who was inspired to try modeling herself. She was an immediate hit with SCORE guys.”Wonderful, amazing, Dolly is an atomic bomb! Give us a thousand scenes with her, please!”…

Dolly Fox – She’s A 21st Century Fox

She’s A 21st Century Fox More than pretty in pink, newcomer Dolly Fox (January 2016 SCORE) has an amazingly slim and stacked body. Sheridan Love took one look at Dolly and wants to get with her. When another SCORE Girl says something like that, you kno…

Dolly Fox – Foxy & Stacked

Foxy & Stacked

Foxy & Stacked

Who loves Dolly Fox’s big tits stacked on a slim and shapely rack? Who loves Dolly’s sexy voice, the way she moves, how she eye-bangs? Boot lovers will also get a kick out of her second scene.

“Modeling, sex and shopping” are Dolly’s top three interests. She says her special talents are seducing men and women. Trying bungee jumping and being on the cover of SCORE magazine are on her list of goals. Hula hooping is better than bungee jumping. Just sayin’.

SCORE: Dolly, what is something you have tried, but will never do again?

Dolly: Fixing a computer!

SCORE: What superpower would you like to have for one day?

Dolly: It would be a lot of fun to be invisible for a day.

SCORE: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Dolly: SCORE. I want a SCORE tank top or a T-shirt.

SCORE: Did you do any sightseeing in Prague during your SCORE shoots?

Dolly: Just a little. First, we worked hard to have the best possible results, and, after our shoots, I preferred to relax and enjoy a nice dinner.

SCORE: Where do you like to travel?

Dolly: Where the sun shines and the location is exotic.

Dolly debuts in the January 2016 issue of SCORE. Check or the SCORELAND Blog to keep abreast of this edition and other print magazines.

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