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Denise Derringer – Funbag Fuckers

Funbag Fuckers

Funbag Fuckers

After setting the kitchen table, Denise Derringer transforms herself into a human dessert tray, spraying whipped cream all over her big tits in the SCORE Classic movie Funbag Fuckers.

Red wanders in, attracted by the sweet scent of the whipped cream, wet pussy and big boobs. “Sploshing,” “splodging” or “wet & messy” is a niche area of fetish photography in which a model covers her body in some kind of cream, mud, goo, custard, baked beans, ice cream, pudding, gelatin or a similar kind of muck. It isn’t seen often in US videos and has more of a following in Great Britain. Like most exotic dancers, Denise has probably squirted herself with whipped cream on stage.

Red dives into Denise’s cleavage and licks his fill of her creamy body. Denise spreads her legs wide. Red takes the can and creams Denise’s pussy, then he dives in head-first and tongues her while she lays back and rubs her big boobs.

Denise wants his boner in her mouth and before long, she’s sucking and jerking his cream-coated cock. Red sprays more cream inside Denise’s cleavage. She takes his cock and sticks it between her boobs. Cupping her breasts and sandwiching his dick, Denise jug-bangs Red with great intensity and concentration. This dedication must be rewarded with a good pussy pumping.

Red washes off Denise’s pussy and his cock with a pitcher of water and, laying her out on the table, plunges his sausage deep into her oven. Still wanting more frosting, this time on her tits, Denise tit-wanks Red again and strokes him off all over her fantastic funbags. We don’t envy the set decorator who had to clean up this mess!

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