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Claudia KeAloha – Busty Man-pleaser

Busty Man-pleaser “You mean you’re not going to look at my cookies?” Claudia KeAloha asks JMac, who’s been waiting for her. Claudia is poured into sexy boudoir lingerie, as if she is about to do a glamour photo shoot. In fact, JMac is looking at Claudi…

Claudia KeAloha – Bikini Wahine

Bikini Wahine

Bikini Wahine

Bikini wahine Claudia KeAloha will stiffen your zucchini in these teeny swimsuits. It’s almost a year ago that busty Claudia tried on bikinis in the SCORE dressing room (“Built For Bikinis”). When Claudia recently visited, we requested more bikini action. It’s really all she needs in her suitcases, in our two-track minded opinion.

“I wear different brands or anything I think looks good on me,” says Claudia. ” I only wear bikinis, not one pieces. I look for a bikini that fits my body type and I like to mix & match the top with the bottom. I have to because the top is always an XXX-Large and the bottom is a small. I don’t like big tan-lines.”

We knew the answer but we have to ask: What kind of reaction does Claudia get anytime she’s at the beach or a hotel pool when she’s in one of her bikinis?

“The men love it. The women give me dirty looks.”

We already knew that.

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Claudia KeAloha – Teach Is Stacked!

Teach Is Stacked! Remember teacher Claudia KeAloha teaching student Jean Val Jean in Big Tit P.O.V.? No one is better at being a teacher with a super-powered, aggressive sex drive than Claudia KeAloha. She is the horny student’s fuck fantasy of a big-t…

Claudia KeAloha – Hawaiian Hooters

Hawaiian Hooters SCORE: Do you keep in touch with any big-boob models?Claudia: I would like to, but most of us live in different states. We keep in touch for a while and then we kind of lose touch due to location. We do message each other on Twitter or…

Claudia KeAloha – Hawaii Sex-O

Hawaii Sex-O How Claudia KeAloha talks in her hardcore videos even makes SCORE editors get flustered. Claudia’s been talking nice and dirty and using the C-word since she fucked Jean Val Jean in a point-of-view schoolteacher scene in one of her first S…