Brandi Minx – Make that a double

Make that a double

Make that a double

With a woman like Brandi, a three-way can break out just about anywhere.

This time, it breaks out by the pool. Juan thinks he has this 41-year-old piece of ass to himself, but he’s wrong.

“There’s somebody else,” Brandi says. “I want you to meet him.”

Now, at this point, a lot of guys would just hit the road. Say, “Fuck you, I’m outta here” and never look back. But Brandi has a hot body, and she fucks well, and she’s wearing a sexy swimsuit, and you don’t just turn your back on a woman like her without hearing what she has to say.

And, let’s face it, three’s only a crowd if the woman doesn’t give up her asshole.

But Brandi does give up her asshole. And she’s happy to take one guy in her pussy while the other fucks her ass.

You don’t say, “I’m outta here” to a hot divorcee who’s into DPs.

We asked Brandi if she’s into anal sex, and she said, “Yes! I love it!”

She also said, “I enjoy being watched which is why I got into porn and why I attend swingers parties.”

She enjoyed being DP’d. And we’re outta here so you can watch.

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