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Angelina Castro – Miami Mami

Miami Mami It’s a few minutes to showtime and Angelina Castro is getting ready for the cameras. Finishing some last touches on her makeup in the dressing room, Angelina calls for a production assistant to get her water. Rocky brings it over and bumps i…

Angelina Castro – Totally Doused

Totally Doused

Totally Doused

Angelina Castro is completely covered in this cum-bath fantasy until she’s totally saturated and dripping with goo, as if 100 guys had shot their loads all over her. This is one of the messiest-ever SCORELAND shoots.

It’s been a while since Angelina visited SCORE. Here’s a girl who’s fucked so hard in a boy-girl shoot that she was totally exhausted afterwards. Angelina’s one of Miami’s most well-known porn stars. Born in Cuba, Angelina has made dozens of appearances on local Latin TV and she loves this city. She’s sexy, dirty and funny. And she loves porn. Angelina’s color commentary about her scene in SCOREtv: Uncut & Uncensored while she and Dave watch it on a monitor is one of the greatest descriptions of a porn scene ever.

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