Alexis Silver’s Ass Rules!

Alexis Silver's Ass Rules!

Alexis Silver liked making porn more than lap dancing. “Much more than lap dancing. I didn’t really like lap dancing, talking to guys when they’re drunk, and because they have the option to pay you, they can be really rude and say things like, ‘You’re fat, you’re ugly, your tits are saggy,’ all that kind of stuff, and I decided I didn’t want to lap dance anymore.

“There are girls in porn who don’t enjoy it. They’re idiots. They need to get out of the business. They’re bringing down the reputation of our industry because they’re saying things like, ‘Oh, I’m being abused, I’m being exploited’ and all that garbage. I love my work. I love performing. I get off on it. It’s not even so much the sex I enjoy. I enjoy the fact that I know there are guys sitting at home jerking off watching my stuff. That’s what really gets me going, and I love putting on a performance for somebody. I’m a really shy person, but as soon as I get in front of the camera, the exhibitionist, performer side of me just switches on.”

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