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Tracy Licks

Tracy licks, sucks, fucks and gets a creampie

Tracy licks, sucks, fucks and gets a creampie “I’ve got myself a nice, hard, young cock that I’m going to suck and fuck while you’re watching me,” 52-year-old wife and mother Tracy Licks says. “I can’t wait to get my mouth around that cock.” No need t…

Brianna Shay

BBC shoots. Brianna scores!

BBC shoots. Brianna scores! Brianna Shay, a 43-year-old MILF from North Carolina, is the reason women who marry professional athletes have to be out of their minds…at least if they’re marrying for love, not money. You know how all of those pro hocke…


A Dulcinea Sandwich

A Dulcinea Sandwich Dulcinea introduces this scene and tells us that her husband is there and will be watching his hot wife get sandwiched. They’re swingers and love porn and sex. We talked to Dulcinea about her first threesome with two cocks. SCORELA…

Angel Gee

Angel’s Sports Bar

Angel’s Sports Bar At this sports bar, you can get beer and chicken wings with hot sauce and you can get the biggest breasts you can handle. Forget every sports bar and restaurant you have ever been to with their T-shirt- and shorts-clad C-cup hotties….

Kelly Christiansen

Tits Always The Season For Sex

Tits Always The Season For Sex Lucky were the meat puppets who got to fuck this incredibly beautiful and shapely wife of a fortunate SCORE reader. Kelly got right down to action, demonstrating how she pleases the man-wood. What technique! What style! W…

Roxi Red

The Breast-man’s Super-Natural Choice

The Breast-man’s Super-Natural Choice Roxi Red opens up in more ways than one. “When I find the right guy, I’m his best girl. “I’ll cook for him. Clean. Massage him. Take showers with him. Give him the best sex he’s ever had. He can do anything he wa…

Codi Vore

Bad Girls & Ball Gags

Bad Girls & Ball Gags

Bad Girls & Ball Gags

Here comes bad girl Codi Vore in her femme fatale lingerie. Her accessories include a ball gag. What does Codi have in mind this time? Codi is so bad, she’s good. That proves that good girls can’t help being bad some of the time, but even so, Codi is too good to be bad all of the time. She’s good enough to eat.

Codi: I have smaller nipples but they’re really round, and they are big enough so I can suck my own nipples, which I always enjoy doing.

SCORELAND: Can you suck them hands-free?

Codi: I can’t. I’m going to have to step up my game.

SCORELAND: You said you like guys to pay attention to your nipples.

Codi: Yes. I don’t like really hard play, but nothing turns me on like when someone lightly plays with them. It drives me nuts. I can’t tell you why. It just does.

SCORELAND: What are your top three sexual experiences?

Codi: I don’t think I have an answer for this one. I think the best kind of sex is when it’s new and exciting or when it’s spontaneous.

SCORELAND: What should a guy do if he wants to meet you?

Codi: I don’t meet fans or regulars in person. I prefer to meet people organically.

SCORELAND: That doesn’t mean you eat them, does it?

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Milly Marks

Sex & Big Bras

Sex & Big Bras

Sex & Big Bras

Delivery drivers dream of moments like this. It just never happens. You see, it’s possible but it’s just not plausible. Horny, busty brunette beauties like Milly Marks just don’t model their new bra purchases in their houses for strange delivery men. We wish they did. The world would be a better place. They don’t spontaneously fuck strange bra delivery men either after trying on bras for them. Or maybe they do and keep it a secret. Men can dream. Or get a job delivering bras and lingerie.

SCORELAND: Milly, you mentioned that you’re overwhelmed by the size of porn cocks

Milly: Yeah, they’re huge. I’m not used to it.

SCORELAND: What are you used to?

Milly: Average dicks. I’ve been with a few small guys, but I would say they’re usually average.

SCORELAND: So what do you think about porn cock?

Milly: It’s scary, but it’s hot so it’s cool, and it feels good.

SCORELAND: Do you plan on watching your scenes?

Milly: I think not. I’ve gone on SCORELAND and watched other people’s scenes, but I don’t think I want to watch mine.


Milly: I think it’s very different. It’s like when you hear yourself on a voicemail, when you hear a recording, you don’t want to hear it because you think, “Do I sound like that?” I’d be thinking, “Do I look like that?” I don’t want to see it. When I’m in a strip club, I’m not in front of a mirror when I’m dancing, so it’s different. But if I was dating someone, it would be cool to say, ‘This is the link if you want to watch me.’ It would probably get them off.

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64-year-old Leah fucks a 23-year-old

64-year-old Leah fucks a 23-year-old

64-year-old Leah fucks a 23-year-old In this video, 64-year-old wife and granny Leah L’Amour has sex in the sauna and the bedroom with 23-year-old Peter Green. She sucks and jacks his cock. She has him fuck her every which way. He cums on her pretty fa…

Aurora Rose

The Stablehand’s Dream Girl

The Stablehand’s Dream Girl What’s a pretty, young British girl like Aurora Rose doing in a Southern California horse stable? Why she’s pitching hay and bouncing and swinging her big tits up and down and running around the place. All busty Brits in Ame…

44-year-old Nina Dee

Nina, meet Tony. Tony, meet Nina’s ass

Nina, meet Tony. Tony, meet Nina’s ass The interview that opens this scene concludes with the videographer saying to 44-year-old Nina Dee, “Everyone knows Tony.” “Except for me,” Nina says. The videographer was referring to Tony Rubino, one of our st…

Elle Flynn

Bangin’ Jug Rub

Bangin’ Jug Rub A healthy breast massage turns X-rated real quick for Elle Flynn and Carlos. Wearing a towel, Elle goes upstairs to the bedroom and gets into bed. After Carlos rubs and kneads Elle’s heavy naturals, she’s even more eager for the cock th…

Mandy Pearl

A Perfect Fit

A Perfect Fit Back home in Great Britain, Mandy is a beauty therapist. Most cosmetologists and make-up artists have a desire to model and Mandy was no exception to this rule. She enjoys posing and models part-time in her area for various assignments,…

Daphne Rosen

Wrapped In Plastic: Upgraded To HD

Wrapped In Plastic: Upgraded To HD How many of you guys have wrapped a pair of giant tits in plastic cling film? Most of us haven’t, so this scene starring breast-sex star Daphne Rosen offered some handy tips on how to do that. Her stunt-cock buddy T…

Stefania Kinskih

Boobs Without Borders

Boobs Without Borders SCORELAND believes in boobs without borders. We’ll go where the bra-busters are. Girls like Stefania Kinskih. “I will play with him with my eyes and start teasing him and watch his reaction,” said Stefania about how she works it …

Vanessa Y

The Busty Hitcher Who Came In From The Cold

The Busty Hitcher Who Came In From The Cold First off, congratulations to Vanessa Y., voted Voluptuous Model of the Year for the second time. The entire line-up of candidates was a power crew. Wrote editor Dave in May 2017 V-mag, the contest results ed…

Amaya May

First Double Penetration

First Double Penetration When guys see Amaya May’s slamming, naturally stacked rack, that brick-house body throws them for a loop. These two hounds are in shock when she leans over them. Her giant, button-popping tits are wrapped in a tight cardigan th…

Jessica Hot gets some good boob lovin

Jessica Hot gets some good boob lovin’

Jessica Hot gets some good boob lovin’ “I’m a hairdresser, so I decided to do porn to have some fun,” said 52-year-old divorcee and mom Jessica, who, here, has fun with Steve. Steve is one of our studs who often fucks big-titted SCORE Girls, and he mi…

Micky Bells

Micky Returns

Micky Returns Listen. Do you hear those bells ringing? They’re wedding bells. It’s also the sound of two big, swinging, dangling, hanging bells slapping together. This can only mean one thing. Micky Bells has returned. The joy has returned to SCORELAND…

Jazmin gets revenge and gets dominated

Jazmin gets revenge and gets dominated

Jazmin gets revenge and gets dominated “This is for my ex-husband, who cheated on me,” 42-year-old divorcee and mom Jazmin Cox says at the start of this scene. “I have a real man here who’s going to dominate me, something that you never did, you coward…

Tit Chat With Katarina Bra Edition

Tit Chat With Katarina: Bra Edition

Tit Chat With Katarina: Bra Edition Returning hottie Katarina Dubrova chats with our photographer in a rare video. When SCORE went to Hungary in 2008, Katarina was part of a group of girls that did a wet SCOREtv T-shirt game in SCOREtv Season 1 Episod…

Desk Sex P.O.V. With Katarina

Desk Sex P.O.V. With Katarina

Desk Sex P.O.V. With Katarina There’s nothing wrong with bureaucratic red-tape if the bureaucrat looks like Katarina Dubrova and has great hooters like this hot dish. If you need some documents approved, you’ll need to pass her gauntlet to get them sig…

Bebe Cooper

Milk Maid

Milk Maid Bebe Cooper! Even her name is sexy. Pretty Bebe has a shapely, hot body and fiery red hair. “When I go out, I usually wear a T-shirt and jeans,” Bebe said. But here, Bebe’s hourglass shape is accentuated by her tight, short dress. Bebe un…

Busty Bikini Bimbo Bash

Busty Bikini Bimbo Bash

Busty Bikini Bimbo Bash Ask Harmony Heart what is sexy to her and she says, “Me.” Then it’s unanimous in this upgraded-to-HD video. Dangling her feet at poolside, Harmony doesn’t want to go to the beach because she thinks her pussy is too bushy. A lo…