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Casey Deluxe – Fertility Goddess

Fertility Goddess Casey Deluxe at nine-months pregnant said she’s even more into sex than ever before. Some positions thrill her much more than before and because of the size of her bump, some positions have become more difficult. Doggie-style sex is e…

Charlie – The naughty nurse

The naughty nurse “I’m the girl next door, but there’s something a little secretive there, too,” said Charlie Charm, a 63-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Colorado who’s back for some solo action in this bonus posting. “I’m a nurse who has a …

Roxi Red – Cafe Roxi

Cafe Roxi Breast-men, including your TSG editors, pray and hope they will walk into a diner or a cafe and their waitresses will be as stacked and as built as the spectacular Roxi Red. No such thing has ever happened. Are there any waitresses with huge …

Jana – Maid For Sex

Maid For Sex Jana is a maid with a lot more on her sex-crazy mind than cleaning your shit in this big-boob hotel. Jana’s main interest is sucking the cum out of the balls of horny guests. The news has gotten around. This hotel is for horny tit-men only…

Lila Payne – Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Meet Lila Payne. The amazing, incredible Lila Payne. We found Lila in Australia and invited her to pose for SCORE. Think of this as a Valentine’s Day special! Lila’s special gifts are a gift to SCORELAND members.Lila is a natural…

Katie Thornton – Tit Chat

Tit Chat SCORE editor Dave and Katie Thornton have a very important meeting and the purpose of this meeting is for SCORELAND guys to learn more about Katie from her own lips. Katie chats about girls, about guys, about sex and about her life back home i…

Dolly Fox – Swimsuit Spectacular

Swimsuit Spectacular It’s the Dolly Fox show and it’s always a pleasure to have the blonde fox play at SCORELAND. Dolly’s second cover is the box cover for the DVD SCORE Girls.”I love all the attention from both men and women,” Dolly said. “It also op…

There IS Sex in the Champagne Room

There IS Sex in the Champagne Room Ah, the strip club. Who doesn’t love the strip club? Loud music, naked bitches, and good times abounding…it’s like an adult amusement park. And this adult amusement park comes complete with adult beverages, food an…

Casey James – SCORE Classics

SCORE Classics The SCORE Classics opening of Casey James jogging in an apartment complex (with some added slow motion) was actually shown on the Jay Leno-hosted Tonight show in 2009. Jay was definitely impressed. He couldn’t show the rest of the video….

Charli Shay – Stud makes Charli’s butthole feel special

Stud makes Charli’s butthole feel special When we asked 45-year-old mom Charli Shay what she does to make a guy feel special, she said, “Treat him like he’s the most-important person in the world and give him lots of blow jobs.”That’ll work.When we ask…

Claire Dames – The Breast of Tits & Tugs 6

The Breast of Tits & Tugs 6

The Breast of Tits & Tugs 6

Terry Nova and Claire Dames get hands-on with two dick-heads in the double-feature “The Breast of Tits & Tugs 6.” Hand jobs and tit-fucks are the name of the game and these two very different girls, one Czech, the other American, bring their own personal styles to cock care.

All Tits & Tugs scenes are shot in virtual P.O.V. style so you’re the man. Your happy ending babes pull your pole with soft palms then wedge it between their big hooters, all while they eye-bang you until you can’t hold back the river and lose your load all over them.

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Holly Wood – Wood Nymph

Wood Nymph

Wood Nymph

Holly Wood (SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 4) gets all the sex she wants at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. The curvy blonde has 36DDD-cup tits and a bubble butt and loves to have her feet massaged, her nipples sucked and her ass-cheeks spanked.

SCORELAND: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex?

Holly: Who doesn’t? It’s beautiful watching things from all angles!

SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex in a taxi or a car?

Holly: I owned a transportation company. I’ve had sex in just about every limo and car imaginable!

SCORELAND: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Holly: “All Glitz & Glamour” is my motto! Or just simply…”Hot Ass Hollywood.”

SCORELAND: What’s it like for you going through airports with boobs that big?

Holly: Going anywhere in public is always hilarious. I catch a lot of people staring. I tend to just brush it off and ignore it most of the time.

SCORELAND: What makes you cum the hardest?

Holly: Having sex and playing with my clit at the same time. Double the pleasure!

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Micky Bells – Tit Chat

Tit Chat In this Bonus Tit Chat video, soft-spoken Micky Bells chats with a SCORE photographer about the difficulties of buying bras now that her big boobs have spurted to a size beyond belief. She talks about the weighing of her twin peaks and what it…

Micky Bells – Breasts Beyond Belief

Breasts Beyond Belief That’s what Micky Bells’ boobs are. Beyond belief. From a Voluptuous/XL Girl to a slim SCORE Girl and now back to Voluptuous and pregnant with breasts that are beyond belief in size and weight. Micky’s pregnancy weight gain went s…