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Let’s be Crystal clear: She’s 70 years old!

Let’s be Crystal clear: She’s 70 years old! We always love when our MILFs send other MILFs our way. Crystal King, who’s making her suck-and-fuck on-camera debut this week, was sent our way by Kokie Del Coco, who debuted at this past May…

Hubby’s asleep, so Jamie gets BBC!

Hubby’s asleep, so Jamie gets BBC! “A man attracts my attention by laughing at my jokes!” said Jamie Foster, a tight-bodied 48-year-old hottie from Califoria. Here, 33-year-old Rod attracts her attention with his big, black cock. She’s excited to see …

Who’s the boss? Dallas is the boss!

Who’s the boss? Dallas is the boss! Dallas Matthews, who’s 57 years old, is the boss. Tarzan, who’s 29 years old, is her employee. He’s brought her the reports she needed, but she tells him, “You’re not up to par with our expectations.” He needs more…

Tight body, tight asshole

Tight body, tight asshole

Tight body, tight asshole

“I love beautiful, sensual sex with perfect chemistry, but hard, primal fucks are nice, too,” said Nina Dolci, a 42-year-old figure competitor from South Florida who has a smokin’ body.

Here, it’s time for a primal fuck as Nina blows 27-year-old Joe then has him fuck her pussy then has him fuck her ass.

“Oh, it’s so tight,” Joe says at one point.

You’re damn right it is. So tight that he has to shoot his load in her ass. Yep, an anal creampie for Nina!

This scene opens with Nina doing her workout routine outdoors by a pool. She’s wearing a sexy, two-piece outfit that shows off her curvy, muscular body. Nina tells us about the part fitness plays in her life, but the cameraman doesn’t seem to care. He’s focused on her tits and ass.

As for working out, Nina says, “It makes me feel really good about myself and my body.”

She should feel good about her body.

“A good physique and sex life go hand in hand,” she says. “I am horny all the time. I feel so good. When a woman takes care of herself, she’s more willing to share her body and not have any hang-ups.”

No hang-ups here. Nina is tight and right, inside and out.

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Getting to know Dallas Mathews

Getting to know Dallas Mathews This is a bit unusual. We’ve seen 57-year-old Dallas Matthews fuck twice. We saw her take a big cock up her ass. And now we’re going to get to know her. Seems a bit backwards, right? Usually, first you get to know a girl,…

Robin Pachino returns for a chocolate fuck stick

Robin Pachino returns for a chocolate fuck stick When we asked 61-year-old Robin Pachino, “What’s the best way for a guy to get on your good side?” she answered, “Latte, dark chocolate, walking hand in hand.” Did she mean walking hand-in-hand with a c…

Alby’s a helpful neighbor

Alby’s a helpful neighbor The tables are turned from the photo version of this scene as 47-year-old Alby Daor tells us about the time she found her neighbor on her doorstep, locked out of his house. Her neighbor happens to be JMac. Hey, how many times …

Newcomer Velvet gets fresh, young meat.

Newcomer Velvet gets fresh, young meat. Velvet Skye, a 55-year-old divorcee and mom from Canada, is wearing a tight, sexy, cleavage-revealing dress, and she’s on the phone with her date for the evening. She thinks he sounds young. “I’m really looking …

An anal fucking for the busty first-timer

An anal fucking for the busty first-timer “I’ve always been busty, since I was very young,” said 51-year-old divorcee and mother-of-two Josie Ray. “I started to develop when I was 14. The boys would tease me in school about the boobs and ‘accidentally’…

Monet! Monet! Monet!

Monet! Monet! Monet! “I like to have sex as often as possible, and there are so many new things I want to try,” said Oksana Monet, a 44-year-old wife and mom. This was one of the things she wanted to try…doing porn, that is. She enjoyed it so much th…

Katarina Dubrova

How To Tit-Fuck Katarina Dubrova

How To Tit-Fuck Katarina Dubrova It’s show and tell time as smiling Katarina Dubrova demonstrates how to best fuck her big tits. Her teaching tools: a stick-in toy and a bottle of lube. We didn’t have sex ed teachers like Katarina when we were in scho…

Katarina Dubrova

Katarina’s Perfect Body

Katarina’s Perfect Body Katarina Dubrova never seems to get older, looking pretty much the same as she did ten years ago! Is it great genes, a healthy diet, lots of sex, or all of the above? “For every person, beauty means something different,” said …

Jasmine Jae

Jasmine’s J.O. Encouragement

Jasmine’s J.O. Encouragement Most British girls have a special knack for hot jack talk in their videos. Jasmine Jae has skills at J.O. encouragement and this scene is the proof. This slim and stacked brunette has quite a proper dirty mouth on her. Ori…

Samantha Jay

For the MILF who has everything…two cocks!

For the MILF who has everything…two cocks! In the second porn scene she’s ever done, 42-year-old wife Samantha Jay sucks and fucks two cocks. Neither of those cocks belong to her husband, who fully endorsed her visit to Here, Sama…

Amber Lynn Bach

Amber Under Glass

Amber Under Glass The usually easygoing, fun-loving Florida MILF and busty sexbomb Amber Lynn Bach is not in a good mood. She wanted to get some sex time and have her big tits played with this morning but she’s not going to get any. Angry, she sits o…

Camelia Davis

Sweater Destruction

Sweater Destruction Camelia Davis’s mouthwatering 38F-cups, her gorgeous face and her beautiful bod are what a breast-sucker lives for. Camelia enjoys traveling, dancing and outdoor activities in attractive surroundings, like beautiful parks and beac…

Patty Michova

The Big Pillows Of Patty Michova

The Big Pillows Of Patty Michova A stacked, nubile girl who knows how to dress to show off her slim, busty rack, Patty Michova rubs her big tits and spreads and spanks the pink. Whether it’s a cock, two cocks or by her own hands, Patty enjoys a good,…

Helen Star

Busty Sister Act Part 2

Busty Sister Act Part 2

Busty Sister Act Part 2

Helen Star is the second half of the busty sister act called the Star sisters. Helen and Erin are bonafide sisters. Helen is a year older. They’re both webcam girls. Both amazing sisters also double-debut in October ’17 SCORE magazine, the annual all-naturals issue.

Like Erin, Helen likes to spend time with friends and go to the movies. She’s a soccer fan but Erin likes basketball. Helen wants to travel to another continent. Erin wants to visit the USA.

Helen dances around a wood beam like it’s a stripper’s pole, licks a banana and gives us a hot tits & ass show.

Helen said she was the bustiest girl in school. Erin said she wasn’t. This school must have some student body.

“I like to dress sexy but no matter what I wear, my boobs show,” Helen said. “That’s okay because I like a lot of attention and it’s fun to see a man losing his mind over my cleavage.”

You can bet that happens every time Helen steps out of the house. Our photographer also fought hard to not lose his mind. The Star sisters effortlessly cast a spell on guys.

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Paige Turner

Paige Turner’s Student Body

Paige Turner’s Student Body What is the textbook definition of an excellent college coed? In our textbook, she’s Paige Turner. She even dresses the part. Paige is trying to start an assignment when two guys walk in on her. It’s not clear if they’re …

Sweater Stretcher Ariane Saint-Armour

Sweater Stretcher Ariane Saint-Armour

Sweater Stretcher Ariane Saint-Armour

Sweater Stretcher Ariane Saint-Armour

“I’m a classical Otaku/geek girl,” said Ariane Saint-Armour from Montreal. We had to look up the meaning of Otaku. “I spend most of my days reading mangas and playing video games. Or boob hunting! I’m a really simple girl!”

Super-slim with a 26-inch waist and a 40-inch bust, Ariane usually wears a 30J-cup bra. “I like to walk around my home naked or almost, with socks and a sweater,” Ariane says in her charming accented-English in this video, already curled up in bed with her long socks and blue cardigan sweater.

SCORELAND hasn’t featured a Canadienne-Française in a long time, not since Bella French and Lily Valentine. They have a very naturally erotic style and seductive personality. Ariane gives us a quick French lesson before showing off her big tits (which she can self-suck) and her shaved pussy.

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British GILF Dimonty

How to jack, suck and fuck a cock, by Dimonty

How to jack, suck and fuck a cock, by Dimonty When 58-year-old British GILF Dimonty gets home early and catches her 33-year-old guy jacking off, she decides to teach him a lesson…a lesson in jacking cock, of course. “Let me show you how it’s done,” …

Lana Vegas

Lana’s spa day DP

Lana’s spa day DP Lana Vegas, who’s 41 years old and is truly a classic MILF, goes for a massage. Turns out her neck is tight. Why is her masseur not wearing a shirt? Why ask why? If it’s okay with Lana, it’s okay by us. Why is Lana’s bra coming off an…