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Allie Pearson – Young & Stacked

Young & Stacked

Young & Stacked

A big hit over at, Allie Pearson has made two appearances on SCOREtv Season 2. In episode 3, Allie talked about what life is like for the boyfriend of a very busty girl, and in episode 4, Allie showed how many items she can stuff between her huge boobs. Male cashiers must love her at the ten-items-or-less checkout line.

“I’ve always wanted to try modeling,” said Allie who’s never been professionally photographed. “It never came up. It wasn’t an option for me. I’m very happy to be here.”

Allie’s only here because a SCORE Group fan saw her and recommended she contact us. Sometimes the most random events lead to good results and happy endings. Allie went over to and decided to give it a shot. Before long, the ever-smiling buxom brunette beauty was flying into Miami and in the studio baring her bodaciously big boobs and pink pussy.

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Veronika – Big Boobs & Sexy Feet

Big Boobs & Sexy Feet

Big Boobs & Sexy Feet

Veronika waits for Max, a guy who’s going to paint her toenails. She adjusts her big tits in her low-cut blouse because there’s going to be a lot more than nail polishing going on in a few seconds. Max is about to be converted from a foot man to a tit man and Veronika has the assets to make it happen. Max is going to be converted but in exchange, he gets to play with Veronika’s head-crushing jugs of joy.

The toenail polishing comes to an abrupt end when Veronika takes his hands and puts them on her heavy hooters. Ever the aggressor, Veronika needs some cock action, not her toes painted. Popping her treasures out of her top, Veronika tells him to suck and lick ’em.

Veronika takes Max’s boner out and sticks it in her mouth, licking it like a popsicle and dripping spit on it. The next stop for his dick is between Veronika’s breasts. She holds them together to create a tit-pussy for him. Veronika takes off her eyeglasses and turns around, supporting her arms on the back of the couch. Max pulls her panties to the side and shoves his dick into her waiting pussy-hole from behind. Getting her totally naked on her back, he spreads her legs and plows into her again, her tits shaking and wobbling. Max is now a tit man.

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Roxi Red – Roxi Returns!

Roxi Returns! Another big surprise, and we do mean big, is the long-awaited return of Roxi Red after two years away from the SCORELAND men who love her. “Simply stunning!” Sean commented on the Blog. “I always wondered if Roxi was going to return and I…

Olivia Jackson – Tits & Ass Superstar

Tits & Ass Superstar

Tits & Ass Superstar

Hanging out with Olivia Jackson in the models dressing room as she prepares to shoot a layout. Olivia was encouraged by her girlfriend to contact SCORE. Now that’s a good friend!

SCORELAND: What do you like about yourself?

Olivia: I love my smile. I love my skin tone. I do like that I have curves and I can fit almost anything very nicely. And I have an awesome personality!

SCORELAND: Do people come up to you and ask you if your boobs are real?

Olivia: When you’re in Vegas, you deal with a lot of drunk people, but I get that a lot from women, too. They ask if I’m real or not. They grab on them and touch on them and slap them. Whatever they want to do. I was at a club, and we were just having fun. Me and some friends got a table, and a girl came up to ask me, and when I’m standing on line at the bathroom, there’s always a bunch of beautiful women hanging around, and they always ask me. And I let them!

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P-Chan – Creamy Asian Tits

Creamy Asian Tits Super-famous in her native land, Miss P-Chan from Japan had a plan to be part of the Voluptuous Girl clan. The topheavy talk of Tokyo is the covergirl of November ’15 V-mag and February ’15 SCORE. Double-debuts have always been rare b…

Ivana Gita – Tits & Tugs

Tits & Tugs

Tits & Tugs

The screen is filled with a close-up of Ivana’s chest in a tight top as her Tits & Tugs opens. She rubs her boobs and bends over to show her cleavage, cavernous enough to store a cell phone, wallet and other objects busty women keep between their breasts.

Ivana is here to tit-fuck, jack and suck a cock, and she’s eager to get her tits on this citizen’s sausage. A tit-fuck by this woman is a special event. Ivana hasn’t been at SCORELAND since 1999, and her boobs have gotten massive since then.

When Ivana’s return scene was posted, many life-long tit-men reacted like it was International Hooter Day.

Seanster wrote, “One of the greatest ever updates here at SCORE! Like every other guy on here, I am totally gobsmacked by the mammoth size of Ivana’s gigantic tits. The last time I was so genuinely overwhelmed was when Poppos made her most recent comeback. Do lots and lots of shoots with her please: bath, shower, bikinis, measuring, big tit oiling, XXX…you name it, I so wanna see it.”

Ivana was only active for one year then dropped out of sight, to the consternation of many breast-men. She was very busty back then, but now her tits are enormous. They move, hang, shake, jiggle and wrap around the male member naturally. To the eye, Ivana’s boobs look almost triple in size. Like Jana, who also had a mature gal breast growth spurt (although not close to Ivana’s bust out), there’s no sign of any doctoring. Those ta-tas are the real deal.

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Marie Leone – “I Need Two Men To Handle My Huge Boobs”

“I Need Two Men To Handle My Huge Boobs” The title of this Marie Leone three-way is true. Marie does need two men to handle those amazing whoppers she was blessed with. “I’ve had plenty of threeways,” said Marie, a very lusty girl who likes lots of act…