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Liza Biggs – Wet & Messy Sploshing

Wet & Messy Sploshing

Wet & Messy Sploshing

Wet & Messy (WAM) or sploshing is a more popular pastime in the UK than in the States. The idea is cover a girl in some sloppy substance, shaving cream, custard, mud, any kind of goo, slime, oil or food until she’s dripping from head to toe. Previously sploshed girls at SCORELAND were Hitomi and Angelina Castro, and at XL Girls, Samantha 38G and Peyton Thomas.

Lisa Biggs gets sploshed in this video but first, she does a big-titty go-go dance before the goo starts flying in her direction. Liza’s wearing an extremely small see-through plastic bikini, the kind that girls don’t go to the beach in. And when the spraying is over and she’s covered with the stuff and dripping from head to toe, Liza spanks it out.

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Liza Biggs – Busty Bikini Baby

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