Dawn Stone – Ultimate Dawn Stone Chapter 2

Ultimate Dawn Stone Chapter 2

Ultimate Dawn Stone Chapter 2

When it came to two huge-chested blondes giving each other the business, the lascivious and licentious pairing of 4’11” Dawn Stone with 5’8″ Nikki Diamond must be included in a Clash of the Tit-ans list. To have been the meat in their big-boob girl sandwich. Aye, that was the dream for many.

In part two of the SCORE Classic, Ultimate Dawn Stone, Dawn hooks up with go-to girl Nikki Diamond in search of getting lady-boners and they sure did. Nikki had made it with Brittany Love and she loved the sweet taste and scent of girls. Nikki also stuffed beads in the asshole of leggy blonde Tanya Danielle in another video that same year.

Dawn and Nikki got their cookies baked in a flesh-grinding lezzie love-lappin’ complete with sex toys. It was destination orgasm for the two strapping blonde hitters. Their wet pussies drenched the sheets and we should know. Who do you think does the studio laundry?

Some women look totally naked when they’re completely dressed. Nikki and Dawn are two of them. Of the two, Nikki is the aggressive one, the dirty girl, the bad girl, the nasty talker. Dawn was never big on talking dirty. Trying it would make her giggle and crack-up laughing. Dawn could do it when she wanted to but it’s not in her nature. What you see is what you get. Besides, Dawn’s body does all the talking.

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