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Danni Lynne – Meet Danni

Meet Danni

Meet Danni

SCORE & V-mag editor Dave blogged, “There’s a newcomer in the studio right now who I think you’re going to love. I can’t show you a photo because I don’t have one yet. She’s an interesting mixture of Japanese, Hispanic and black. She fucks on-camera.” He thought she resembled Pam Grier, star of the movies Foxy Brown, Friday Foster and many more action flicks as well as Tarantino’s tribute to Grier, Jackie Brown. Danni says other people think she resembles Pam Grier, too.

And now here’s Danni Lynne making her SCORE debut in a chat and body show. And following Danni’s SCORELAND intro, a hardcore scene is next. She’s not one to waste any time.

“A lot of people see the Japanese part in my eyes and my cheekbones,” Danni says. “I have small feet,” she adds with a laugh. “The Hispanic part is my breasts…and my appetite. And the black part is my attitude,” Danni adds with an even bigger laugh.

Danni thinks she measures 36 triple-E. She wears E-cup bras for that special lift everyone loves. She was referred to SCORE by a photographer we know who believed she’d be right at home here.

After their chat, Danni takes her pink buzz buddy and does wonders with it as her big natural boobs bounce away.

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