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Savannah Stevens – “I Love Toys & Boys”

“I Love Toys & Boys”

Living doll Savannah Stevens says she loves to run around the house naked. She hates wearing clothes. “I’m constantly naked at home,” says Savannah. Savannah has definitely picked the right career path. This is her first time at SCORE. The second time you see Savannah at SCORE, she’ll be JMac’s living sex doll.

Savannah was familiar with SCORE magazine and the girls. “This is my dream job, adult entertainment. “Getting to lick and play with big ding dongs, that’s the most fun thing I’ve ever done,” says Savannah, who sounds exactly like the big-boobed, blue-eyed little doll she looks like.

“I like to wear tops that push my tits together so they bounce around and jiggle. When I wear low-cut tops, people give me car repairs, treat me to meals and they always pay attention to me.”

How could they not?

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Sandra Star – Slim. Stacked. Sexy.

Slim. Stacked. Sexy.

Slim. Stacked. Sexy.

T.G. writes Scorecard: Ms. Star has it all: blond hair, big tits, long legs, tight pussy and a beautiful smile. All women should be like her. I am so glad she contacted SCORE. Please model some more, Sandra, as it would be a shame for us to wait that long ever again to see this beautiful goddess in action.

Here are a few of Sandra’s favorite things.

Favorite clubs or bars: Bars by the beach.
Favorite television shows: Two & A Half Men ( only with Charlie Sheen) and Sherlock Holmes on BBC.
Favorite movies: Pride and Prejudice
Favorite book: Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho
Favorite music: Pop and Dance
Favorite drinks: White wine and malt whiskey
Favorite foods: French and Italian
Favorite actor: Daniel Craig
Favorite singers: Sia, Rihanna and Sam Smith
What do you like to do on a free night? I enjoy a fine dining experience.

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P-Chan – New Name Same Huge Tits

New Name Same Huge Tits This girl will be familiar to some big-boob guys, especially mavens of the Japanese scene. The sheer size and shape of her tits are astonishing. She’s uber-famous in her homeland but when we were given the chance to be the first…

Alexya – Busty Body Winner

Busty Body Winner Naturally stacked Alexya was not only blessed by the magic wand of the boob fairy, she was given a gorgeous face and body. Alexya likes to keep her big boobs and shapely body in motion. “I dance and I ride horses. They are my favorite…

Marta La Croft – Spanish Eyes & Big Tits

Spanish Eyes & Big Tits

Spanish Eyes & Big Tits

You know Marta is super-hot when another SCORE Girl tells you how much she wants to get with her and lick her pussy. Behind the bed curtain, seriously seductive and sensuously sexual Marta La Croft waits for her date-mate to show up. She wants her big tits fondled and her pussy filled with the big boy.

In her hardcore videos, Marta looks directly into the camera with her big Spanish eyes that say “You want to fuck me.” Eye-fucking the camera is common in still pictures but less common in videos unless it’s a P.O.V. scene. It definitely adds heat.

Matt tastes Marta’s shaved slit, licking her sweet juices to prepare her pink taco for the beef filler. She lifts one high-heeled foot after Matt fingers her so he can penetrate her with his cock. He begins pumping her pussy as he holds her boobs in both hands.

The long-haired muchacha wails loudly and has an expression of both pleasure and pain on her face. Marta has a “so-good-it-hurts” look throughout the positions they fuck in and only when Matt unloads on Marta’s big boobs does she smile, again directly into the camera, happy she has inspired his spurt and happy for those who have watched her get banged “con mucho gusto.”

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Bridgette B – Fit Titz

Fit Titz Ever go to a fitness center and find yourself watching a girl on the machines instead of fully concentrating on your exercises? Sure you have. We all have. How many of them looked like Bridgette B. and had Bridgette’s fantastic body? Bridgette…

Deauxma – HardSCORE 2

HardSCORE 2 Deauxma is the mob boss’ wife. She’s riding around in an SUV with her husband’s employee Gino. She tells him she wants to get a drink. She’s actually more interested in drinking his cum as she leans over and takes his cock in her mouth. Gin…

Joana – What A Good Wife She Would Be

What A Good Wife She Would Be Joana is a very thoughtful girl. You can tell that by seeing her videos and listening to her speak. She’ll even iron your shirt. But first she has to take a break and relax. Relaxing means her natural state, naked as natur…

Harmony Reigns – Picked Up & Fucked

Picked Up & Fucked

Picked Up & Fucked

If you saw a big-boobed British brunette teetering around in high heels, looking lost, her large knockers encased in a low-cut pink top, a map in her hand, what would you do?

Getting a wee bit nervous about how to find the address she needs, Harmony Reigns spots a beacon of safety in Steve, a local. She scampers over to him and asks for help, showing him the map. Steve’s happy to help, of course, considering Harmony’s top shelf is sticking out so far she could serve tea on them. He keeps looking more at Harmony’s big tits than at the map.

It’s windy and colder than a witch’s tit and Harmony is running around Prague without a jacket. Steve hands her his coat and offers her a cup of tea at his place, conveniently located nearby. As you know, a cuppa tea is a proven aphrodisiac to an English girl. Back at his place, Harmony defrosts and the tea helps warm her up, but what heats her up is Steve playing with her great big bristols.

Strangers when they met, fate has dealt Steve a winning hand, and before long, Harmony’s sucking him off and massaging his cock with her pair of queens. Tit for tat, he licks her pussy before fucking her with his Prague prick in a sign of international of cooperation.

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